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Directed by: Tanuj Chopra 2013 | 50 min.

Section: Special Presentations

Premiere: Los Angeles

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Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Women


Community Co-Presenter:

Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment

NICE GIRLS CREW returns for a second season! The continuing adventures of BFFs Sophie (Lynn Chen), Leena (Sheetal Sheth), and Geraldine (Michelle Krusiec) and their book club have added a few new characters along the ride. There's Donatello (Leonardo Nam) as Sophie's man servant/assistant and “Joy Luck Club” member Tsai Chin as Lady Lee, Geraldine's elegant matriarch. There's also a special appearance by Parvesh Cheena (OUTSOURCED) as an overly sensitive admirer of Leena's.

     With last year's debut season, the set-up was very simple — three best friends, with different personalities, get together to discuss a book. It was shot all in one location (probably Geraldine's house). As the curtains open on Season 2, the NGC universe has expanded and we delve a bit deeper into each girl's lives, providing depth and dimension to the neuroses and madness that these three ladies conjure up whenever they're together. Most of it is funny and slapstick and each actor from the troika gets their moment to shine and wonk out on camera (kudos to Michelle Krusiec for channeling her inner-T.J. Mackey in the motivational speech episode). This culminates into one of the most poignant scenes in this show, as the story becomes more serialized and these cartoons soon become full-fledged characters with baggage, hopes and dreams and all that other life gunk.

     As a NGC fan, that's what you want to see, character arcs and evolution of the story. Director Tanuj Chopra and screenwriter Christine Kwon, the creative minds behind this show, totally deliver. You are left wanting more. Isn't that the ultimate compliment for a content creator? Viewers will be left wanting a Season 3. And there better be a Season 3, especially when it's just getting really juicy.

Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


Saturday, May 04 10:00 PM Directors Guild of America 2 Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Donald Young
Producer Brenda Alvarez, Krystel Gapasin
Director Tanuj Chopra
Screenplay Tanuj Chopra, Christine Kwon
Cinematographer Anne Misawa
Art Director Deanna Dewey
Music Composer Mohani , Bone Douglas, Donghoon Han
Editor Tanuj Chopra
Cast Lily Addabbo, Parvesh Cheena, Lynn Chen, Tsai Chin, Michelle Krusiec, Anthony Ma, Leonardo Nam, Sheetal Sheth
Sound Luis Alfaro, Kennard Morris, Paul James Zahnley