Directed by: Seung-Jun Yi 2012 | 87 min.

Section: Documentary Nominees

Countries: South Korea

Languages: Korean

Genres: Documentary, Romance, Social Issues


Community Co-Presenter:


International Documentary Association

Korean Film Council- Los Angeles

UCLA Center for Korean Studies

A beautiful tale of a couple seeing the world through their love, PLANET OF SNAIL takes us on a world experienced through a deaf-blind man. Director Yi Seung-jun’s documentary follows two lonely souls who have found each other and whose lives have changed since their first meeting. Young-Chan is a deaf and blind man who writes to express his visions of the world. He depends on his wife, Soon-Ho, who guides him with her own eyes and ears, and who also depends on his love and company. Soon-Ho suffers from a spinal disability and has a physical handicap. Through their day-to-day activities and experiences, we get a glimpse of the world Young-Chan lives in through his reality. Experiences such as a day at the beach, changing a light bulb, the sensation of running, hugging trees, and eating together are challenges, or a big thrill and pleasure for them. They discover things on a daily basis such as the touch of a drop of rain, being buried under sand on the beach, listening to nature and swimming. Though they’re faced with difficulties that most people don’t need to overcome, they also appreciate the simple pleasures in life and reflect on their existence without taking much of anything for granted. They have each other to console as life brings them ups and downs through their mutual love and support. Though Young-Chan practices being independent of his wife at times as a cautionary measure, it seems impossible that the two can exist without the other.

Their story brings hope to the disheartened and weakened souls by offering a fragile yet triumphant bond that soars through borders and limits. Profoundly moving and insightful, director Yi Seung-Jun reflects on the sensory experiences of nature and quiet observations of the couple’s life to present a moving documentary that reflects our existence on this planet with what we, ourselves, cannot see.

Synopsis written by: Sarah Kim


Saturday, May 12 12:00 PM CGV Cinemas 2 Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Director Seung-Jun Yi