Directed by: Junya Sakino 2013 | 82 min.

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Premiere: West Coast

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A"sake-bomb" is a cocktail created by dropping a shot of sake into a pint of beer. The alcoholic collision of the Japanese and American encapsulates the contentious relationship between Naoto and Sebastian, the main leads in  one of the funniest Asian American comedies in the last few years, SAKE BOMB, which recently had its world premiere at the South By Southwest Film Festival. 

    Sebastian (Eugene Kim, who turns in a irascible, hilarious performance)is a bitter, self-deprecating wannabe Internet star from Los Angeles (think Ryan Higa but as a venom-spewing Angry Asian Man with the angry meter turned up to 11). He is recently dumped by his girlfriend, who can't take his juvenile slackerdom anymore and is on the lookout for someone new. When his cousin Naoto (Japanese rising star Gaku Hamada, who is in seven films this year alone), a naive sake maker from Japan, shows up to find his own ex-girlfriend in NorCal, Sebastian reluctantly take him on a road trip to go find her. Along the way, cultural misunderstandings, underhanded behavior (mostly from Sebastian) and hijinks ensue. They are a clash of cultures ready to explode. Together they meet a colorful group of characters and situations (a cosplay party in SF is particularly funny) as they come to grips with who they are and the true nature of the significant others who they are pursuing. 
    The debut feature of Japanese born and LA-based producer Junya Sakino and Torrance-born Jeff Mizushima (the award-winning ETIENNE!, SALAD DAYS Festival 2012), JULES AND JIM this is not. Nor is it HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE or other road movies of this ilk. SAKE BOMB is very much its own entity, with similar tropes (Bildungsroman for example), but SAKE-BOMB has a fresh perspective of cross cultural conflict and understanding. Sebastian and Naoto may not like each other, and they are culturally very different, but family is family. 

Synopsis written by: Anderson Le


Saturday, May 04 4:00 PM Directors Guild of America Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Yuko Shiomaki
Producer Matthew Helderman, Hiromitsu Senoo
Director Junya Sakino
Screenplay Jeff Mizushima
Cinematographer Sam Yano
Editor Jeff Mizushima
Cast Marlane Barnes, Josh Brodis, Chrissie Fit, Gaku Hamada, Eugene Kim, Samantha Quan, Jessika Van, Hiroyuki Watanabe

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