Directed by: Chang Jung-Chi 2012 | 114 min.

Section: International Showcase

Premiere: Los Angeles

Countries: Taiwan ROC

Languages: Mandarin

Genres: Foreign, Music, Romance


Community Co-Presenter:

Asian Professional Exchange

Taiwanese American Professionals- Los Angeles

Sometimes, the camera in TOUCH OF THE LIGHT appears like an inner eye that enters the world not so much through vision alone as through its relation to touch and sound. The haptic and visceral define not only the film's carefully composed cinematography however, but the life of its protagonist Siang. Played by real life blind piano prodigy Yu-Siang Huang, Siang has just been accepted to a prestigious music college. Unlike the others students, who find their way easily in and out of the class room, Siang depends on the support of his peers to get familiar with his new surroundings. And as the freshmen do not show much compassion for their visually impaired fellow at first, our protagonist struggles to feel comfortable and accepted. In fact, his body always seems to be a little out of place, lagging behind, hesitant to do the next move, and shy to speak out.

     The same can be said about Jie, the film's second protagonist. Played by beautiful hapa actress Sandrine Pinna (YANG YANG), Jie works at a tea shop to make a living and support her broken family. Yet, she imagines a life that is very different from her own — without the annoying customers who cannot decide on the size of their tea cup and the level of sweetness they wish to order, and with someone else than the guy at her side who continues to go out with other girls. Jie dreams of returning to dance, the only way she seems to be able to open up and connect to the world.

     With sound and touch in the foreground, it is only a matter of time, until the two protagonists encounter each other. And what begins as an unimaginable relationship, quickly turns into mutual inspiration and care. As Siang and Jie discover their individual ways of expressing themselves, the pace of their bodies turn in sync with the environment and allow for the poetic experience of gentle love. None of them fosters the dream of a big coming out; all they need to become alive is to live who they already are.

Synopsis written by: Feng-Mei Heberer


Monday, May 06 6:30 PM CGV Cinemas 3 Date Passed
Saturday, May 11 12:00 PM CGV Cinemas 2 Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Chan Ye Cheng, Song Dai
Producer Hong Tat Cheung, Jacky Pang Yee Wah
Director Chang Jung-Chi
Screenplay Li Nien-Hsiu
Cinematographer Dylan Doyle
Production Designer Wu Rou-Yun
Music Composer Wen Tzu-Chieh, Huang Yu-Siang
Editor Li Nien-Hsiu
Cast Lee Lieh, Sandrinne Pinna, Juang Yu-Siang
Costume Designer Teng Yu-Fang
Sound Tiet Kao

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