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Directed by: Christine Yoo 2011 | 98 min.

Section: Narrative Nominees

Countries: South Korea, United States




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Filmmaker Christine Yoo’s directorial feature debut, THE WEDDING PALACE, opens with an all-too-familiar scene—an infant son is placed before a myriad of items, a calligraphy brush, money, a bowl of rice—which item will he reach for and thereby set the course for the rest of his life?

A colorful cast of characters bursts onto the screen as the comedic adventure begins.  Jason Kim, a 29-year old advertising executive (Brian Tee, D.K. from THE FAST AND FURIOUS:TOKYO DRIFT), feels the pressure from his parents and other relatives to wed before his 30th birthday in order to avoid an ancient curse placed on his family.  A visit from a Shaman, played by Margaret Cho, reminds Jason and his family that if he is not married before his 30th birthday, he will certainly die a horrible death. He seeks advice from his obnoxious friend (MADtv’s Bobby Lee). His parents, played by Steve Park and Jean Yoon, quirky uncle (Charles Kim) and aunt (Nancy Lee) try desperately to play matchmaker for Jason so that he can wed soon and avoid the consequences of this terrible curse.

On a business trip in Seoul. Jason fumbles with an important presentation in a Korean board room, but is buoyed by a lone voice, businesswoman Na-Young. Played by popular Korean star Hye-jung Kang (OLDBOY, WELCOME TO DONGMAKGOL) filled with sweet nature and verve, Jason is immediately smitten with her and vice versa with him. But his Korea trip is too short for the two to get to know one another and before they know it, Jason is back in LA, love sick. Therefore, he decides to court Na Young virtually, scheduling dinner dates over webcam sessions, and exchanging numerous phone calls and loving text messages.

Jason is completely taken by Na Young, and news of their budding relationship gives Jason’s family hope that he will be able to marry quickly before his upcoming birthday in order to avoid the ancient curse, until the young bride to be touches down at LAX and she is not what Jason’s family, or for that matter, Jason himself, expected… In this day of virtual dating, are webcam sessions and phone calls enough to really know someone? Are Na Young and Jason the perfect match? Sit back and enjoy the ride in this rollicking family comedy where finding true love could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance of happiness, or a sure path to regret.

Synopsis written by: Vera DeVera


Friday, April 29 7:00 PM Directors Guild of America Date Passed

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Derek Draper, Jonathan H. Kim
Producer Derek Lee, Brian Tee, Christine Yoo
Director Christine Yoo
Screenplay Robert Gardner, Christine Yoo
Cinematographer Ernest Holzman, ASC, Jun Young Kim
Associate Producer Cho Kahyun
Editor Derek Draper
Cast Margaret Cho, Kang Hyejung, Bobby Lee, June K. Lu, Joy Osmanski, Stephen Park, Brian Tee