Directed by: Richard Wong 2012 | 80 min.

Section: Narrative Nominees

Premiere: Los Angeles


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With a highly pleasurable cast, YES, WE’RE OPEN tells the story of Sylvia (Lynn Chen) and Luke (Parry Shen) — the epitome of a young, progressive, and open-minded Bay Area couple. As urban foodies and members of San Francisco's alternative scene, they buy their groceries at the farmers market, hit the local bookstores for good reads, and watch their movies at the oldest theater in town. Goes without saying that Luke and Sylvia have no reservation against an open relationship. In fact, as Luke makes clear, he wouldn't be upset if Sylvia slept with another guy. And Sylvia is “OK” about her partner having sex with another woman, too. The two are affectionate yet independent, just what a modern couple is supposed to look like: “We're the kind of people who like to keep their individuality.” So far, so good.

     As the four-year mark of their relationship approaches, their initial excitement of getting to know each other is replaced by a reality of routine and occasional boredom. What lurks behind the seemingly paradoxical experience of alienation in achieving familiarity however is the insecurity about oneself, and furthermore the challenge to be honest about it: Who am I and who do I try to be? Am I really that open about sharing and maybe not knowing everything about the person I love? Elena and Ronald step onto the stage at just the right moment. The alluring and polyamorous twosome promises the energy and sparkle that our protagonists are longing to regain. In their very own way, Luke and Sylvia follow the invitation for an erotic adventure, the outcome of which might be most surprising for the protagonists themselves.

     Shot in just 16 days, YES, WE’RE OPEN is a delightful comedy daring to raise those existential questions that haunt us every day and that we tend to dismiss so easily. The dream team of director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza (whose previous award-winning works COLMA: THE MUSICAL and OPTION 3 have screened at the Film Festival) line up again for another unforgettable movie.

Synopsis written by: Feng-Mei Heberer


Saturday, May 12 9:00 PM Directors Guild of America Date Passed
Plays with:  GOOD HEAD
Saturday, May 19 9:30 PM Art Theatre of Long Beach Date Passed
Plays with:  GOOD HEAD

Cast & Crew

Producer Theresa Navarro
Director Richard Wong
Writer H.P. Mendoza
Director of Photography Seng Chen
Production Designer Irene Chan
Cast Tasi Alabastro, David Boyle, Lynn Chen, Kerry McCrohan, H.P. Mendoza, Theresa Navarro, Parry Shen, Sheetal Sheth
Costume Designer Irene Chan